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best seed bank in colorado

Hype Seeds Seed Bank

One of the best things about Hype Seeds Seed Bank is that any orders over $100 in the USA comes with free normal shipping. Orders are sent out normally that next business day from the time the order was made. We know you want your gear ASAP, and we’re trying to deliver them to you even faster!

Hype Seeds is well known as one of the most reputable seed banks in the US with its amazing track record for the past year. Ranking as one of the best USA based seed banks 2020, Hype Seeds started it’s roots in Colorado and has not stopped growing. Now one of the best USA based seed banks 2021, Hype Seeds continues to set the bar high and exceed expectations as one of the best seed banks that ship to the USA.

Again, Hype Seeds.offers free shipping on every order equal to or exceeding $100. People love using Hype Seeds because we’re very discreet and are super fast at getting your order processed. If we ever make a mistake, we’ll hold ourselves accountable and always make it right with the customer. We value our customers like family, and treat everyone as such.

usps shipping

Only Use Trusted Carriers

Hype Seeds only uses the most trusted carriers like Fed Ex, UPS, & USPS. We make sure your gear is packed up correctly, safely, and sent out directly to the mail delivery service. Each order comes with a tracking number almost immediately after the order is shipped out. Always feel free to reach out to the company if you don’t receive yours within 2-3 business days of placing your order.

Hype Seeds Seed Bank likes to know that their shipments has been delivered to the correct address and the right person. We follow up on every order that is taking longer than usual to reach it’s destination. As growers helping fellow growers, we know how a delayed package can set back your grow schedule and regimen. That is why we take our shipping methods very seriously and follow up on every late order.usa fast shipping

Normal 4-5 Day Expected Delivery

Most orders arrive within 4-5 business days of receiving the order tracking number. If there is a holiday then expect longer delivery times as well as around the holiday season, Next day delivery is available at a extra cost, but is not necessary with our fast and secure shipping methods.

Though we set normal expectations for 4-5 business day delivery, we know that really depends on how far the package has to travel and how busy the mail is during that specific time frame. It is safe to say that our overall average shipping time is definitely around 2-3 business days during the normal time of year.

shipping to all 50 states

Ship All Over the USA

No matter what state you’re in, Hype Seeds can get you your gear when you buy cannabis seeds online through our safe and secure website.The best seed banks are those that have a great selection of marijuana strains and those that are able to get you your order super fast.

As a Colorado seed bank, Hype Seeds is able to ship out orders to the east coast and west coast equally fast. Being centrally located is a competitive advantage as far as shipping rates go, which is why Hype Seeds is rated as one of the best seed banks in the USA. We can keep our shipping costs down compared to other online seed vendors in America today.

money back guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

If you paid for guaranteed shipping, then you’re guaranteed to either get your gear or your money back! If your order comes with free shipping, then Hype Seeds Seed Bank is responsible for getting your shipment out to your mailbox or you get 100% of your money back. Learn more about Hype Seeds Seed Bank shipping methods.

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