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#1 Best Seed Bank In Colorado

Best Seed Bank in Colorado, USA

best seed bank in colorado

With the amount of new breeders and new seed banks popping up every single day, it’s hard to pick a solid marijuana seed vendor these days without doing your homework. Luckily the experts at Hype Seeds have done the research for you and have simplified the process. We cut out all the BS, and deliver exotic marijuana seeds straight to your front door! No hassle, no wondering if its legit or not, no more dealing with sketchy social media accounts or websites. We made the seed buying process as simple as possible!

Our Mission since being established in 2020, is to connect new and avid marijuana growers everywhere with top quality genetics for their garden. It all starts with quality genetics of a plant, and you definitely don’t want to “start out on the wrong root”. As growing and harvesting cannabis plants can be very time and resource consuming, you don’t want to be spinning your wheels. Have confidence in your garden from the very beginning by choosing the safest and most trusted seed bank in Colorado.

We may be a little biased, but let us explain why we consider ourselves to be the best cannabis seed bank in Colorado, USA. We’ve taken into consideration a number of different factors including: selection of strains, variety of seed types, quality of breeders, pricing, shipping & delivery, grower education, and customer support.

Best Seed Bank in Colorado 2021

best seed bank in colorado USA

Selection of Strains

Currently we have a wonderful selection of hype strains and premium cannabis genetics available. Whether you’re looking for a strain that leans indica, sativa, or hybrid, Hype Seeds has many different options for you to grow and enjoy. Our team works diligently to hand select the finest exotic strains out right now. We carry household favorites like new girl scout cookie crosses to highly sought after exotic runtz crosses and many more! Check out our latest selection of marijuana seeds.

Variety of Seed Types

Currently Hype Seeds offers only photo period seeds including regular and feminized. As growers ourselves, we prefer to stick to what we know and what yields the best quality results for our gardens and patients. This is why we stick to regular and feminized seeds, as they are more consistent than growing autoflower strains. Historically, it is hard to trust auto-flower genetics, as there have been many cases where these type of seeds produce unfavorable plant characteristics and yields. On the contrary, autos are beginning to grow in popularity among new growers as they look for the easiest way to grow and produce flower. Honestly though, the chances of seeing top-shelf flower from auto-flowering marijuana plants are very thin.

high quality cannabis seeds

Quality of Breeders

All of our selected marijuana breeders have been growing for a minimum of 10 years in both a commercial and home grow setting. They’re growers at heart, and know how to cultivate the finest cannabis genetics on the planet. Full of grow knowledge and just overall cool people, our selection of breeding partners are known throughout the cannabis grow community as true leaders and pioneers in this budding field. Learn more about the breeders we work with.


Hype Seeds offers some of the most affordable pricing online for high quality valued marijuana genetics. Our lowest prices range from around $40 per pack of 5 regular seeds and $60 per pack of 3 feminized seeds. Then our next pricing level starts at $80 for a single pack of 10 regular seeds. Our highest pricing option is $140 for a pack of 6 feminized seeds. Where else can you snag a fire cannabis strain for less than $50 with shipping & handling included? Yeah we thought so.

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Shipping & Delivery

We ship all around the United States and Canada. Expanding shipping into more countries this coming year as well. Delivery is always fast and discreet, and customers can expect a tracking number to their email within 2-3 business days of submitting their order. There is also free shipping available for orders anywhere in the USA over $100 total.  All orders come with free gear, which is always limited to supply.

Grower Education

Hype Seeds offers grower support by linking all our growmies to our grow guide. We also recommend new growers check out the Grow From Your Heart Podcast provided by our good friend Rasta Jeff at Irie Genetics. We also provide various grow tips throughout our Hype Seeds newsletters and Blogs.

hype seeds customer support

Customer Support

Our customer support is available online 24/7/365. Growers everywhere can contact us through a website inquiry on our contact page or may email us at [email protected]. We will respond back to you as swiftly as possible. If you reach our support over the weekend, please be patient as we’re likely to best respond within 48 hours of the next business day.

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