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Store Cannabis Seeds Like a Pro

If you have cannabis seeds, you probably want to store them properly to make sure they survive for a long time. If stored properly, cannabis seeds can last years. This article will discuss the best way to store cannabis seeds. If you’re a grower, you probably want to make sure your seeds are as safe […]

cannabis terpenes chart

What Exactly are Cannabis Terpenes?

What Are Cannabis Terpenes Cannabis has many powerful benefits, but there’s just something about it’s aroma that soothes the mind and body. Yet, each cannabis strain has it’s distinct flavor and aroma. I always wondered about this. At first, I assumed additives find their way into my concentrates; however, a careful search yielded a stunning […]

cannabis buds

The Benefits of Growing Cannabis Indoors vs. Outdoors vs. Greenhouse

The Benefits of Growing Cannabis Indoors vs Outdoors vs Greenhouse Going to the dispensary and shopping for cannabis can be confusing and intimidating. First, I had to choose between the many forms of concentrates, or flower (buds). Then when looking for flower, I had options between greenhouse, indoor, and outdoor-grown cannabis. Before long, I realized […]

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The Difference Between THC, CBD, And Other Cannabinoids

Difference Between THC, CBD, and Other Cannabinoids Before now, I had this unbearable pain in my back that wasn’t going away despite the pills I took. Then, I heard about the amazing benefits of hemp, CBD, THC, and other components from the cannabis plant. Yet, I was confused about the right steps to take. My […]

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Why Grow Your Own Cannabis Garden?

Why Grow Your Own Cannabis Pros of Having a Home Grow There are many positive aspects of growing your own medicinal cannabis at home, all which include: saving money, saving visits to the doctor, learning a new skill or hobby, developing healthier end products for consumption, and lastly it is very empowering to the individual […]

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New Breeder: Sin City Seeds

Sin City Seeds Joins Hype Seeds Seed Bank After months of negotiations, award winning cannabis genetics company Sin City Seeds has officially joined Hype Seed Seed Bank’s stable of high quality breeders. Sin City Seeds is based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and has one of the most top notch cannabis breeding programs in all […]

colorado winter coat drive

Colorado Winter Coat Drive

Hype Seeds Colorado Winter Coat Drive Partnered with Local Charitable Organization Hype Seeds has partnered with local organization the Pueblo Co-operative Care Center to help facilitate the donated goods of new winter coats and gently used jackets to the people that need it the most. Whether they are homeless or close to it, everybody deserves […]

Colorado seed bank with free shipping

Best US Seed Bank with Free Shipping

Best US Seed Bank with Free Shipping Hype Seeds Seed Bank One of the best things about Hype Seeds Seed Bank is that any orders over $100 in the USA comes with free normal shipping. Orders are sent out normally that next business day from the time the order was made. We know you want […]

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Hype Seeds Sponsors Devil Dog 5K

Hype Seeds Sponsors Devil Dog 5K in Boca Raton, FL The 5th Annual Devil Dog 5K kicked off September 26th @ 7:30 AM at South County Regional Park in Boca Raton, FL. Runners were also able to participate remotely to acclimate for those still worrying about Covid. Needless to say, it was a great turn […]

best seed bank in colorado

#1 Best Seed Bank In Colorado

Best Seed Bank in Colorado, USA With the amount of new breeders and new seed banks popping up every single day, it’s hard to pick a solid marijuana seed vendor these days without doing your homework. Luckily the experts at Hype Seeds have done the research for you and have simplified the process. We cut […]


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