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weed canopyThe idea behind almost any marijuana plant training technique is to make a flat, wide table-top shape for your plant canopy with as many colas (bud sites) as possible.

This shape ensures that each of your main buds gets plenty of light and air, resulting in lots of long, fat buds and bigger yields for you. In fact, with plant training you can increase your yields by as much as 40% compared to not training your plants!

In the marijuana vegetative stage, you encourage your plants to grow many bud sites in a wide, flat, table-top shape. You don’t want too many colas because each one will start to become smaller as they lose their ‘personal space’. You’ll get optimum yields by making sure every cola has some breathing room of around 2-3 inches (5-8 cm) between each cola. This gives them room for buds to fatten up. But other than that, try to fill the space under your light with as many colas as you can. Every “empty” spot under the grow light without any buds growing is wasting some amount of light that could be going towards increasing your yields.

Optimally, you want your colas spaced something like this by the time you start flowering:

marijuana canopy

 Making lots of long colas is important because that’s where the biggest, longest and most dense buds form. Hopefully you can achieve something like this!

weed canopy