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Difference Between Marijuana Seeds

Learn The Difference Between Auto-flower, Feminized & Regular Marijuana Seeds

Most people when they first start learning to grow cannabis, do not understand the differences between feminized seeds, regular seeds, and/or auto-flowering seeds. Friends you are not alone, and this is perfectly normal. In this short write-up today, we want to help simplify the selection process for you when it comes time to placing your order at an online seed bank. The selection process can be tiresome, but it can also replicate the feeling of being a “kid in a candy store.” Lets keep it simple, as we try to take a glimpse look at the benefits and disadvantages of growing each type of cannabis seed.

autoflower cannabis seedsAuto-Flowering Cannabis Seeds

Auto-flowering weed seeds are awesome for the beginner grower! There are many pros and cons to using seeds that automatically trigger into flowering mode; moreover, you want to do your research before you make a buying decision. Depending on various factors like free time, resources, cannabinoid expectations, and of course personal preference. The following is a list of pros and cons for growing marijuana with auto-flowering genetics:


  • Optimal harvest time between 7-10 weeks
  • Ideal for discreet growing with plant heights around 60-100 cm
  • Usually offer a higher percentage of CBD (Cannabidiol)
  • No lighting restrictions
  • Resilient plants that can grow in different environments


  • Poor quality clones
  • Lower maximum THC content
  • time for recovery if problems arise
  • Smaller plants leading to lower overall yields
  • Cost of lighting could get expensive if growers choose 24 hr light cycle

feminized marijuana seedsFeminized Cannabis Seeds

Perfect for the intermediate level grower and up! If you’re not trying to waste any time or “spin your wheels,” then opt for purchasing feminized marijuana seeds. They’re usually more expensive than regular weed seeds but are guaranteed to produce buds once you flip your grow into the flowering-stage. Some old school growers view feminized seeds as inferior to regular seed genetics and prefer getting their female seeds from natural selection. With that said, there has been plenty of visual evidence that puts that myth to rest, but every grower will have different experiences and thus develop their own preferences for sourcing quality marijuana genetics. A majority of feminized cannabis genetics these days are made by using chemical solutions to reverse the sex of the plant. Check this quick cost & benefit analysis on cultivating with feminized genetics below:


  • Guaranteed to get buds during harvest
  • Allows cultivators to efficiently maximize their plant counts
  • Guaranteed to get female clones from mother plants
  • Typical higher yields & higher THC %
  • Save time from weed to seed


  • Not offered by every breeder
  • They are usually more expensive to come by
  • Strain selection is usually more sparse
  • Some feminized seeds that are easily stressed can sometimes turn hermaphrodite
  • Lacking natural genetic lineage that some growers seek


regular marijuana seedsRegular Cannabis Seeds

If you’re interested in creating your own cannabis genetic crosses, then regular pot seeds is the way to go! They are usually way more available than feminized seeds, especially for certain varieties of hype strains. Another benefit of purchasing regular weed seeds is that they cost a lot less than feminized seeds do. Some OG growers prefer regular genetics to feminized genetics because they believe that plants should come from a more natural lineage selection. When you can’t decide whether you want feminized or regular genetics, regular seed packs give you the added benefit of getting both. See what other advantages and disadvantages are listed below:




  • Growers not able to efficiently maximize their allowable plant count or grow space
  • Risk the chance of pollinating your own grow
  • Takes time to identify which plants are male & female
  • Wasted time on caring for males plants if not wanted for breeding
  • Wasted resources on plants that you ultimately cut from your garden


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