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Top 16 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Frequently Asked Questions For Hype Seeds

1) What are your delivery options?

We offer 4 different delivery options:

  • Standard $6.00 – This is standard shipping, it will usually take anywhere between 5-10 days within the continental USA. A tracking number is automatically emailed once the label is scanned.
  • Discreet $12.00 – This option is double packaged and is shipped priority.  Usually at the destination within 2-3 business days.  A tracking number is automatically emailed once the label is scanned.
  • Signature $20.00 – This option is double packaged, ships priority and requires a signature for delivery.  This option is perfect if the package is being delivered to a high crime area. A tracking number is automatically emailed once the label is scanned.
  • Guaranteed $25.00  -This option is double packaged and is shipped priority.  Usually at the destination within 2-3 business days.  If this package is lost in transit we will reship 100% of the time no questions asked.  A tracking number is automatically emailed once the label is scanned.

2) What service do you use for delivery?

USPS, upon request we can use other delivery services; however, there will be an additional cost incurred.

3) Do you ship internationally?

Yes, but unfortunately there are some countries we will not ship to. Usually they are countries that the USA has an embargo on.

4) Can I combine multiple orders or add onto an existing order?

Absolutely, as long as your order has not yet shipped. We can modify the order, replace items, or combine different orders. You will receive an email with the newly updated changes.

5) I live in a shady neighborhood and packages often get stolen

If you live in a bad area where packages get stolen or go missing, we do offer a signature confirmation option. There will be a small fee that will be charged, but it is definitely worth it. If your package is stolen there is no way for us to verify it since we can only go off of the USPS tracking number, and so we cannot replace it otherwise.

6) How soon after my order is paid for is it shipped?

Typically within 24-48 business hours. We will always communicate any delays or discrepancies.

7) How do I track my order?

You will get emailed a USPS tracking number. If somehow you don’t receive one within 48 hours of making your order, please email us and we will find it for you.

8) Will you sell me less seeds than whats listed on the package?

Never. All of our packs are straight from the breeding supplier, and are never opened by us under any circumstance.

9) Missing an item?

No worries, if you’re missing an item please email or message us. Luckily we take a photo of each and every order before it leaves the warehouse. The very last step prior to packaging the seeds, is taking a photo. We lay all items around the shipping address and order number so that it can clearly be seen in the photo and snap a picture. If your item is in fact missing, we will get it out to you ASAP. If it is not, we will email you the photo and kindly suggest that recheck your package. We can not replace any items if that “missing item” is in the photo.

10) What is your Return Policy?

Refunds can be made up until the point where they are shipped. Once they are shipped, no refunds or exchanges will be accepted. No exceptions.

11) How do seeds come?

Your seeds will come in the original breeder packaging.

12) Do you offer grow advice?

Absolutely not. Seeds are sold as NOVELTY ITEMS ONLY. There are plenty of online resources and grow books that can help you with your questions.

13) I have a problem with my seeds!

Our duty is to bridge the gap between breeder and consumer. The seeds come in tamper proof packaging that has not been opened or disturbed. Strictly because of this reason, Hype Seeds does not replace seeds. Any issues regarding seeds will have to be taken up directly to the breeder. We will definitely help you get in touch to clear up your issues. Replacing seeds is entirely up to the discretion of the breeder, not Hype Seeds seed bank. Please ask at the time of purchase regarding any breeder’s policy so that we can better help serve you.

14) My seeds didn’t germinate, will you replace them?

Please don’t contact us regarding this issue. Seeds are strictly sold as novelty items and nothing more. Contact the breeder for specific questions. Please note, that all sales are final. No replacements or refunds period.

15) How many seeds are in each pack?

It depends, but usually Regular seed packs will have a quantity of 10 and Feminized seed packs will have a quantity of 6. If seeds are not labeled “F” for Feminized or “A” for Auto-flowering, then they are Regular.

16) I got my seeds, now I’m going to report fraud to my credit card & get my money back!

Please don’t try this. The outcome will not be pretty.

Our credit card processor will provide your credit card company with your IP address used when the order was processed along with all correspondence from the order. Proving that you did in fact order from us.

Your credit card company will then refund us the payment and levy a fine against you. Generally they will also close your credit card account and put you on the Master Card black list. Your name will be shared will all seed banks as a thief. IT IS NOT WORTH IT. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS.