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Harvest Cannabis

Harvest Cannabis Flower

cannabis harvest

Numerous indicators will signal when your cannabis is nearly ready to harvest. Each plant and strain is unique, so these signs can vary, but here are some general things to look for:

  1. The leaves will begin to yellow, curl, and some will probably fall off (effects from flushing)
  2. Buds will be plump and developed, and no longer appear to be growing larger
  3. As the buds mature, the trichome heads will turn color from clear to milky to amber.

As a general rule of thumb, when the trichomes are very clear, the cannabis plant is still immature and the THC is less developed. Harvesting cannabis at this stage may result in a more speedy, racy, less smooth and comfortable user experience.

When the trichs change from clear to fully cloudy, and some of the trichomes start turning amber. That is the perfect time to harvest your flower, because this is when the buds are now at a very well-balanced stage of development.