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LED Grow Light Reviews

The Official List Of LED Grow Light Reviews

best led grow lights 2022


LED Grow Light Reviews

  • 5×5 FT. Samsung LM301B Grow Light & MeanWell Driver
  • Full Spectrum Light
  • Dimmable
  • Daisy Chain 2.7 umol/J
  • Commercial Grow Light for Indoor Plants

HYPHOTONFLUX features Samsung LM301B diodes and built-in MEANWELL drivers for outstanding results.It draws 480 watts from the wall,achieving the efficiency 2.7 ?mol/J and higher average PPFD with 1300 ?mol/s at 4’x4′ flowering coverage,completely beat the 800w HPS/MH grow lamp

QUIET AND COOL: Simple structure, detachable driver, no fan, no noise when running. A total of six aluminum light bars(90mm/3.54” wide, wider than any other led bar lights) for better heat dissipation and even light dispersion saving you a lot of money in ventilation and exhaust.
It is the most powerful daisy chain-up to 80 lights can be connected, with an available controller, and is ideal for home, grow tents, grow rooms, greenhouses, gardens, vertical racks, hydroponic, and soil growth.

The highest yield full spectrum grow light (Samsung LM301B SDB 3000K+4000K) with deep red 660nm enhanced for optimum results. Faster flowering time and greater yields thanks to rapid plant response. Easy dimming design meets different needs of indoor plants.

Save about half and get professional growth with HYPHOTONFLUX:ETL,FCC listed, IP66-Waterproof. We provide 3 years warranty and US after-sales service, email us if you have any questions before purchasing. Our product development team stands behind this product. To learn more about the HYPHOTONFLUX LED grow light, check it out on Amazon.

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LED Grow Light Reviews

  • 5×5 FT. Grow Light
  • FC-E6500 with 3978pcs Diodes
  • Full Spectrum
  • Commercial Grow Light
  • Dimmable for Indoor Plants Veg & Flower
  • Daisy Chain 2.7 umol/J
  • Detachable Precise Lighting

High-efficiency, LED grow light: FC-E6500 uses 3978 pairs of BridgeLux drivers and is market-leading at 2.7 mol/J and 2.5g/watt with 30% more average power efficiency than other lights. cover 5x5ft (personal), 4x4ft (commercial) grow space.

The FC-E6500 dimmable grow lamp supports daisy chaining up to 20 lights, master light easily controlled, and it is IP65 waterproof, making it an excellent choice for high performance lighting. A user-friendly dimmer is ideal for home horticulture throughout the year.

INNOVATIVE UNIFORM LIGHTING: Built-in removable bars enable precise dynamic PPFD control at each stage of the plant’s growth cycle, FC-E6500 detachable bars deliver highly uniform adjustable PPFD levels throughout plant canopy, best for uniform density buds.

SUPERIOR HEAT DISSIPATION: Easily mount the detachable power supply remotely on the side or adjacent wall of your grow tent/rack, complete with a real Aluminum heatsink & 6 slim profile passively cooled bars (THINNER & LARGER surface) use 50% less electricity than HID lights!

With its wide spectrum of light (2800k-5000knm, 660nm Osram Deep Red), FC-E6500 provides the most efficient light, resulting in high-quality crops as well as substantial energy savings. If there is a problem, we guarantee 100% satisfaction within 3 years. Check out the MARS HYDRO LED Grow Light on Amazon.

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LED Grow Light Reviews

  • 650W 5×5 FT. Coverage Samsung Diodes
  • Detachable Driver
  • Uniformity Full Spectrum
  • Dimmable Daisy Chain
  • Commercial LED Growing Lamp for Indoor Plants
  • Vertical Farming

EFFICIENCY & UNIFORMITY: Unique design of 6-LED bars provides more even canopy coverage, especially on the outer edges. It uses 3330 SAMSUNG LM301 diodes to generate 650 watts and 1780.45 umol/s per bulb, resulting in a 2.75 umol/J PPE for coverage of 5′ x 5′ full-cycle growth.

This RED-enhanced full spectrum and dimmable lamp is capable of supplying ample light for all phases of plant growth (2800-3000K,4800-5000K, 650-665nm). Dimming knobs can be used by growers to control light intensity in accordance with different stages of growth.

PASSIVE COOLING & DETACHABLE DRIVER: Airflow and heat dissipation is improved thanks to the design of the bar light and aluminium material on the back. The SE7000 plant growing light boasts a detachable driver and a long power cable, thereby reducing ambient heat in your growing area for a longer lifespan. With a waterproof circuit board, worry free when working in moist environments. Installation is simple.

The Daisy-Chain Dimming function allows multiple SE7000 or SE5000 lights to be dimmed simultaneously and you can connect as many SE7000 or SE5000 lights as you want. Widely used in commercial growing (horizontal and vertical), climate rooms, house gardens, home grows (grow boxes and tents), greenhouse cultivation, pipeline cultivation, and hydroponics.

We provide 5 years of after-repair service of local maintenance center (US/CA/UK/DE) with each Spider Farmer LED grow lamp. The Spider Farmer grow light is an authentic grow light that gives you the quality lights you need – and at a price you can afford. Any questions can be sent to us via e-mail and we will assist you. Our ironclad quality guarantee! To learn more, shop for the SPIDER FARMER SE7000 LED Grow Light on Amazon.

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