8 Step Marijuana Grow Guide

Marijuana Grow Guide Made Simple

marijuana grow guide

Follow This Easy Marijuana Grow Guide For Best Results

Set up a grow space

Clean & Disinfect

Grow Room

Grow Tent

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Get your grow equipment set up

Grow Light

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Water Reservoir

Get a solid plastic 44 gallon storage tote and make that your water reservoir. Your place to store water, add nutrients, and adjust the pH as needed.

Oscillating Fans

Buy some good quality oscillating fans for the grow room or grow tent. You want to make sure your grow environment has plenty air ventilation, especially around the plant canopy.


Depending on where you live and how hot, dry, & humid the living conditions are determine your need for a dehumidifier or humidifier. Good practice is has to have both set to keep the humidity within a desired range depending on what week of the flowering stage they’re at.

Exhaust Fan

Very important to have an exhaust fan, as it helps get rid of the old air in the grow space. Fresh clean air and good ventilation is key for any good grow set-up.

Carbon Filter

More of a luxury than a necessity if you don’t mind the smell or are in a place where you’re far away from your neighbors. Carbon filters clean the air as it gets exhausted from the grow space and basically removes the majority of the smell caused from ripening cannabis terpines.

Buy some seeds or clones

Whether you’re buying regular, feminized, or auto-flowering seeds, make sure you’re using a trusted seed bank. Clones are an even faster way to get your grow started and so we also recommend sourcing quality genetics in clones when possible.

Prep your soil and pots

Decide what growing style you are going to use, the most popular methods are hydroponic, soil, soiless, or organic.

Set up your light timers

For clones and/or seedings, you can set your lights for 24/0 or 16/8 hours on/off.

For plants in the vegetative phase, set your lights at 16/8 hours on/off.

When you’re ready to flip your marijuana plants into flowering stage, set your lights to 12/12 hours on/off.

Feed your plants nutrients consistently on schedule


Vegetative Stage

Flowering Stage

Flush Cycle

Harvest your plants

Dry and cure your buds

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