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Lowryder Seeds Autoflower

Lowryder Seeds Autoflower

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  • THC LEVELS: 14%
  • CBD LEVELS: 2%
  • VARIETY: Mostly Sativa
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-10 Weeks
  • FLAVOR: Earthy
  • EFFECTS: Creative, Euphoric, Uplifted

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Lowryder Autoflower Seeds 

Welcome to Hype Seeds, your gateway to extraordinary cannabis genetics. Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of the Lowryder Autoflower strain? Get ready to experience a unique and captivating strain that’s perfect for both beginners and seasoned growers alike. Discover the secrets of this remarkable plant as we delve into its characteristics, cultivation, and the unmatched benefits it offers. Join us as we explore the world of Lowryder Autoflower seeds and unlock the potential of your cannabis garden.

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What is the Lowryder Autoflower Strain?

The Lowryder Autoflower strain is a remarkable autoflowering strain that has taken the cannabis world by storm. These plants are true marvels, often transitioning from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage in just a few weeks from seed germination. This rapid flowering time is a game-changer for growers, whether they are beginners or advanced enthusiasts seeking a reliable and speedy harvest.

Lowryder Autoflower strains owe their genetics to a carefully crafted blend, including Northern Lights #2, William’s Wonder, and a Mexican Ruderalis strain. This combination results in a unique hybrid strain that exhibits a wide range of effects, making it an ideal choice for cannabis lovers of all experience levels.

The plant’s compact size, typically around 12-16 inches in height, is a standout feature. This dwarf plant is bushy and resilient, thriving in various growing environments and conditions. Whether you’re cultivating in a closet, on a balcony, or in a dedicated grow room, Lowryder Autoflower plants are an excellent choice.

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Main Characteristics of Lowryder Autoflower Cannabis Plants

Lowryder Autoflower cannabis plants exhibit a unique set of characteristics that set them apart from traditional cannabis strains:

  1. Compact Size: These dwarf plants are perfect for growers with limited space, producing impressive yields in small areas. You can cultivate multiple plants per square meter, maximizing your harvest potential.
  2. Quick Flowering: Lowryder Autoflower strains have a remarkable flowering time, often starting just a few weeks from germination. This speedy process means you can enjoy your harvest in a fraction of the time compared to other strains.
  3. Resilience: Lowryder plants are known for their robustness and ability to thrive in less-than-ideal conditions. They’re forgiving to novice growers, making them a popular choice for beginners.
  4. Wide Range of Effects: The balanced genetics of Lowryder Autoflower strains provide a wide range of effects. From a soothing body high to a cerebral, uplifting experience, these plants cater to diverse preferences.
  5. Aroma and Flavor: Lowryder strains boast delightful flavors and aromas, often featuring citrus, pine, and earthy notes. The pungent aroma of the buds is a treat for the senses.

Whether you’re growing Lowryder Autoflower plants for recreational or medicinal use, these characteristics ensure a rewarding and enjoyable cultivation experience.


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Benefits and Effects of Cannabis Plants Grown from Lowryder Autoflower Seeds

The benefits and effects of cannabis plants grown from Lowryder Autoflower seeds are truly exceptional:

  1. Convenience: Lowryder strains take the hassle out of growing. The automatic flowering feature eliminates the need for meticulous light management, making them an excellent choice for beginners.
  2. Fast Harvest: With a short flowering phase, you can harvest your Lowryder plants in as little as 60-70 days from germination. This means a steady supply of top-quality buds in a relatively short time frame.
  3. Adaptability: Lowryder Autoflower strains thrive in a variety of environments and conditions. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, you can count on a successful harvest.
  4. Medicinal Potential: Lowryder strains offer a wide range of effects, making them suitable for medicinal users seeking relief from stress, anxiety, pain, or concentration issues.
  5. Quality Buds: Despite their small size, Lowryder plants produce dense, resinous buds with impressive THC levels. This ensures a satisfying and potent smoke or vapor experience.

For discretion-conscious customers, we offer discreet shipping options, ensuring your precious cargo arrives safely and securely, no matter where you are.

Growing and Cultivation of Lowryder Seeds

Cultivating Lowryder Autoflower seeds is a straightforward process that promises rewarding results. Here are some key tips for successful cultivation:

  1. Lighting: Lowryder plants thrive under 18-20 hours of daily light during the vegetative stage. Once they begin to flower, maintain a 12-16 hour light cycle to encourage robust bud development.
  2. Soil: Choose a well-draining and nutrient-rich soil mix to provide your Lowryder plants with the essential nutrients they need throughout their life cycle.
  3. Container Size: Due to their compact size, Lowryder plants can be grown in smaller containers, making them ideal for indoor and discreet cultivation.
  4. Training Techniques: While not necessary, low-stress training (LST) can help maximize yields by promoting an even canopy and efficient light penetration.
  5. Nutrients: During the vegetative phase, use a balanced fertilizer formulated for cannabis. Transition to a bloom-specific formula when flowering begins to support bud formation.
  6. Harvest Timing: Monitor the trichomes to determine the ideal time for harvest. Cloudy trichomes indicate a balanced high, while amber trichomes suggest a more sedative effect.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a successful Lowryder Autoflower grow and enjoy a bountiful harvest that can yield up to several hundred grams per plant.

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Lowryder Plant Varieties

Lowryder Autoflower strains come in a variety of exciting options, each with its unique characteristics and flavor profiles. Here are some popular Lowryder varieties to explore:

  1. Lowryder #2: A slightly taller variant of the original Lowryder, Lowryder #2 offers improved yields while maintaining the beloved autoflowering trait. It’s a fantastic choice for those seeking a balance between quantity and quality.
  2. Diesel Ryder: Combining the best of Lowryder genetics with the pungent aroma and uplifting effects of Diesel strains, Diesel Ryder is a favorite among connoisseurs. Expect a tantalizing blend of flavors and a potent high.
  3. OG Lowryder: A hybrid of Lowryder #2 and an original OG Kush, this variety boasts a rich flavor profile and a potent, balanced high. It’s the ideal strain for those who appreciate the classic OG taste with the convenience of autoflowering plants.
  4. Auto Blueberry: Crossbreeding Lowryder with the classic Blueberry strain results in Auto Blueberry, known for its sweet, fruity aroma and relaxing effects. It’s a top choice for those who crave delicious flavors and a soothing experience.
  5. Maxi Gom: With genetics derived from Brazilian Santa Maria and Lowryder, Maxi Gom delivers an energetic and creative high. This variety is perfect for those seeking an uplifting and invigorating cannabis experience.

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What defines Lowryder Cannabis plants?

Lowryder cannabis plants are characterized by their unique and exceptional properties:

  1. Automatic Flowering: The hallmark feature of Lowryder strains is their automatic transition from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage based on age. This eliminates the need for growers to adjust lighting conditions, simplifying the cultivation process.
  2. Compact and Bushy: Lowryder plants maintain a short and bushy stature, making them an ideal choice for growers with limited space. This characteristic is especially valuable for those cultivating discreetly.
  3. Resilience: These plants exhibit remarkable resilience, thriving in a wide range of environmental conditions. Whether you’re dealing with fluctuations in temperature or humidity, Lowryder plants can adapt and thrive.
  4. Balanced Genetics: Lowryder Autoflower strains inherit a balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics, resulting in a versatile strain that offers both relaxation and mental clarity.
  5. Quick Growth: With their rapid flowering times, Lowryder plants grow at an accelerated pace, allowing for multiple harvests in a single growing season.

In essence, Lowryder cannabis plants are synonymous with convenience, quality, and resilience, making them a top choice for growers of all levels seeking exceptional results from their cannabis cultivation endeavors. Experience the wonder of Lowryder Autoflower strains today with our fast and discreet shipping options.

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Medium (10 – 20%)


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10 Weeks, 8 Weeks, 9 Weeks


All Season




Mostly Sativa


Indoor, Outdoor


500 to 700 grams


500 to 700 grams


Creative, Euphoric, Uplifted



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Gary Reed
100% Success

20/20 seeds germinated successfully! The flowers are firm and of decent size. And the smell and taste? Absolutely delightful!

Bradley Thompson
Excellent result

Easy to grow with good results.

Kenneth Nelson
Very good

That's wonderful to hear! It sounds like you got a delightful variety, and everyone made it to the party. Enjoy those delicious flavors!

Alvin Mitchell
Lowryder auto

Tiny but mighty. Perfect for small spaces!

Max Parker
Well received

The packaging was awesome, completely sealed and airtight. I'm itching with excitement to get these in the ground and watch 'em grow!