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Efficient Vivosun Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer 19 inch

Vivosun Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer Review

Efficient Vivosun Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer 19 inch

  • The four-edged stainless steel blades are used for wet trimming, and the serrated blade and X-shaped stainless steel blades are used for dry trimming.
  • Utilize the power of 30 scissors in one cutter to provide clean and efficient cutting while minimizing damage to plants.
  • For precise trimming, the clear dome assures maximum visibility. Metal gearbox with solid construction.
  • Rotation can be accomplished in clockwise or anti-clockwise directions by hand; removable handle; portable and cleanable.
  • Included are: 1* leaf trimmer; 1* stainless steel straight blade; 1* stainless steel serrated blade; 2* X- blades; 1* hand pruning shear and 1* instruction. The warranty is two years. For any problems with the items you receive, please contact Amazon support.

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The Vivosun Bud Bowl Trimmer was on sale for a great discount, so we decided to give it a spin. In general hand, spinning trimmers are just not my thing so I was a bit skeptical to use this bud trimmer. As a general rule, I like trimming by hand, but I understand the need for a quality trimmer when large amounts of cannabis need trimming and pruning. The trimmer did receive several requests for reviews, however.

VIVOSUN 19 inch Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer Is Manually Operated

Vivosun Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer

A few stats on the Vivosun Bud Leaf Bowl Trimmer before we get started:

Packaged and shipped well, the item arrived in good condition. The instructions for the average bud knowledgeable person were well-written and easy to understand.

Best Of Trimming Machines

I think the Vivosun Bowl Trimmer is good for trimming buds. The hand spinner, at first glance, reminds me of two salad bowls balanced on each other. With this small bud trimmer, you can take care of any small to mid-sized plant project typical of most homeowners growing with LEDs. Made from high-quality stainless steel that is of medical grade, the Vivosun Bowl Trimmer is ideal for these types of jobs.

Precise Bud Trimming Machine

trimmed buds

I loved how I could feel the gears trim the plants as I slowly sped through the marijuana plants and extracted the green goodness as the trimmer was designed to do. In contrast to other spinners I’ve tried, this one only requires a few spins to remove foliage and stems from the buds, saving you energy and arm pain. Especially some of the dry bud trimmers I have reviewed in the past.

In terms of well-built cannabis trimmers, this is an overall winner. This trimming machine saves you time when it comes to trimming your buds.  The only thing that beats hand trimming is when faced with a huge production, but when faced with dense buds and nugs that are freshly harvested, then this thing makes short work of them.

We were only disappointed with Vivosun Bowl Trimmer reviews when we did not clean the trimmer well enough between uses. As for us, this thing is relatively easy to clean thanks to its solid hub and spinner, and it doesn’t have many moving parts.

Best Trimmer For Dry Trimming

With this bud trimmer, we were able to keep the quality of the cannabis intact and gain the benefit of more free time.

With the help of this tool, you will be trimming in minutes instead of days. In terms of dollar for dollar, this is as competitive as the best we have reviewed when it comes to bud trimmers. It is even better than most trimming machines on the market. The quality of this marijuana bud  trimmer is excellent for the money!

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