XtremepowerUS Leaf Bud Trim Reaper Model 83082

XtremepowerUS Leaf Bud Trim Reaper Review

Precision Cuts High Speed Blade Hydroponic Motorized Standing Trimmer, Stainless Steel

  • Powerful Trimmer – The powerful trimmer is equipped with Maintenance-free motor, sharp stainless steel (3) blades
  • Catch Bag – Automatic output when finished; equipped with clean environmental handle bags; leaves no trash around
  • Efficiently & Precious – Quickly, efficiently and precious trims excess leaves and stems. Easy fold out the design for convenient transport or storage
  • Adjustable Speed – High-speed blade and fan trims rotate, fluffs and finally ejects trimmed plants
  • Empty Hatch – Emptying hatch can be opened while the machine is running for non-stop production ability
  • Power source type: Corded Electric

XtremepowerUS Leaf Bud Trim Reaper (Model 83082, 2-in-1)

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